Nothing prevents our being able to do what we like best every pleasure is to be welcomed & every pain avoided certain circumstances.

R&D and Trainings

Our company is engaged in doing research and development in the mentioned areas in collaboration with higher learning institution to bridge the gap of practical skills.

In recent years, most graduates are lucking enough knowledge and necessary skills for them to be productive. Therefore, the company decided to develop career of new graduates by engaging them to undergo internship and training.

Technovation conducts EHS trainings to all staff by our HSE officer who is certified by OSHA. The company has yearly training program on our qualified technician to attend OSHA trainings on First aider and Working at Height. Also our technician undergoes regular training on PPE use, Fitness for work, Toolbox talk

Innovation and Technology.

Technovation applies new ideas and behavioral changes in our operation in order to improve goods and services offered to our esteemed customers. The concept of innovation is properly applied in our daily works to improve our technical knowledge.

Ethics and quality assurance

Technovation believes that a good behavior is the key to any successful professional. Which eventually assures quality of work performed.